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Today you were babysitting. It wasn't something you normally did, but you wanted some extra cash, and your neighbors had quiet a few children. You wore jean shorts, blue flip flops, and a light blue t-shirt (it was summer). Your (h/l) (h/c) hair was strung up in a cute ponytail, and your (e/c) eyes shone with excitement and nervousness. The door opened, revealing a man and a woman.
"Ah, come in. _____, was it?" The lady said, stepping aside. You walked in.
"Yep! That's me," you replied, smiling.
"Thank you for doing this. We'll be gone for a few hours. If by any chance we come late, get them into bed by nine please." The man said.
"No problem!" you said cheerfully. The man and the woman quickly thanked you, then headed out for their date. It was about six thirty in the evening, and the sky was a beautiful shade of orange.
"Where are you guys?' You called out. The house wasn't too big so you were relieved that you wouldn't have to search for hours for the kids.
Suddenly you saw the cutest face ever.
It was a little boy with blonde hair and striking green eyes. He also had quiet big eyebrows. Unnaturally big eyebrows for his age. You walked up to him and picked him up. He wore an adorable green little military uniform.
"What's your name?" You asked, holding his close to you.
"Arthur," he replied. he had a British accent, making you nearly squeal at how cute this kid was.
"How old are you?" You asked, placing him down.
"Nine!" he replied.
"Nice," you said. "where are the rest?"
"In the kitchen," Arthur replied. "Alfred is attempting to cook."
Immediately a thought of the children accidentally burning themselves on the stove flashed through your mind, and you ran into the kitchen. Four more children were there, all mixing batter in a large bowl. Eggshells, cake mix, flour, and batter were splattered all over the counter.
"Which one of you is Alfred?" You said, snatching the bowl away from their tiny grasps. The boy with blonde hair and a cute cowlick raised his hand, his blue eyes shining with pride.
"Did you come up with the idea to bake this cake?" You asked.
"Yep!" Alfred replied. "The hero came up with it." He laughed loudly.
"Well, you shouldn't bake without an adult around!" You scolded him. "you guys could hurt yourself."
"But we would never hurt ourselves! You can trust us, especially me because I'm the smartest!" Another boy said.
"And you are?"
"Yao!" He replied.
"And I am Francis," another boy with a French accent said.
"I am Ivan," the last one, a Russian child, said.
"Well, I am _____," you said quickly. "anyways, let's clean up this mess." You looked around, trying to spot paper towels.
"But we want to bake the cake!" Alfred whined loudly. The other children agreed.
"Listen, you're all nine, right?" You asked. They nodded, eyes wide. "Well I'm sixteen, so I have authority over you! Now clean up this mess. I'll help you guys."
"But _____!" America whined in a louder high pitched voice. "we really want to make this cake!" You looked at their faces, all of them begging you. Even Arthur had joined in. You sighed in defeat.
The children all high fived each other with joy, and you placed the bowl back on the counter. You helped them stir it and pour it into the pan. Finally, you placed it in the oven to bake. They quickly cleaned up the mess, and washed the gooey batter off their hands. As you wiped up the final splotches of batter and washed your hands, you hummed softly.
"Alright kids," you said, turning around. "what do you guys wa-" You noticed they were all gone. You heard laughing from the room next to the kitchen and darted in there. The room had two couches, a glass coffee table, a TV, a bookshelf, two windows, and a door leading to the backyard. The boys were all roughhousing. However, a small boy sitting in the corner looking rather sad caught your eye. Ignoring the roughhousing, you rushed over to the boy. You knelt in front of him and he looked up.
"Whats your name?" You asked softly.
"M-Matthew," he replied shakily.
"What's wrong?"
"I'm scared..."
"Scared of what?"
"My brothers...they're all so loud and I'm so quiet..."
"Why don't you join them?"
Matthew's eyes widened. "Are you crazy?" he said. "they'll kill me!" his voice was full of fear, and you wrapped an arm around him. Matthew pointed to a small bruise on his arm. "Alfred gave me that yesterday when we were tackling each other in the backyard." He explained. You blinked.
"Were you two fighting?" You asked. Matthew shook his head.
"No, we tackle each other for fun sometimes."
There was a brief silence, as you stared at Matthew like he was crazy. These boys tackled each other for fun?!
"Well..." your voice trailed off as you thought madly about what to tell this little boy.
"Even if you don't want to join, I still think you're a very nice child! The quiet ones are always the best," you nudged him gently, smiling. Matthew looked at you, a small smile beginning to form on his lips.
"Really? You really think that about me?" He said, eyes lighting up with joy. You nodded.
"Oh, yay!" Matthew hugged you gently, and suddenly kissed you lightly on the cheek. You blushed, then giggled. How cute!
Suddenly there was a loud shrieking, and you turned around. Ivan had wrapped his hands around Francis's neck, choking him. The other boys watched, shaking with fear.
"Ivan!" You shrieked, running up to him and pulled him off. Francis sat upright, gulped in air and breathing quickly. "what was that for?!" You demanded.
"Francis punched me and it hurt!" Ivan said. You sighed.
"Don't ever choke someone again," you said sternly. You then turned to Francis.
"Are you okay?" You asked. Francis nodded.
"Oui, just a little spooked." He forced a smile. You sighed and got up.
"Why don't we go outside?" You said, looking out the window. It wasn't that dark yet. Just a while out there would allow the boys to run, and then they would be tired. Then you could handle them easily. "it's beautiful outside. Get your shoes on, boys!" The boys nodded and quickly slipped on socks and sneakers.
"Let's go! The hero will lead the way!" Alfred said loudly. You opened the door and the boys rushed out, running around wildly in the field. Matthew followed cautiously. Suddenly Yao pulled him over and they began to talk and laugh. You smiled, glad no one was being left out. You stepped into the lush green grass yourself, and closed the door behind you. It was nice to get some fresh air. With all those boys running around, the inside seemed very cramped.
"Let's play hide and seek!" Alfred suddenly yelled. "_____ will be the seeker and we'll hide!"
"Sounds fun!" Francis said.
"I'll count to fifty, then I'll come and look for you guys, alright?" You said, walking over to the boys.
"Okay!" Yao said. "now close your eyes and count!" You smiled and closed your eyes and covered them with your hands. You began to count, the soft giggles fading away as the boys found their hiding places. Everything was going so well, and these boys were so sweet...
"...Fifty!" You said, opening your eyes. You began to search, calling out their names and saying things like, "Gee, I wonder where Arthur is!" However, once you didn't find them anywhere outside or inside, you began to worry. Suddenly it came to you. The backyard was a fairly large clearing, with the neighboring houses to the left and right. However, at the far end of the backyard was the forest.
Oh no.
That was the only option to look in.
"They couldn't have gone too far in," you thought, beginning to venture into the forest. "I'll find them quickly." It was now twilight, and it was getting hard to see.
"Yao! Ivan! Francis! Matthew! Arthur! Alfred!" You called out. "Come out now! It isn't a good idea to be in here."
No answer.
You sighed softly and continued to walk on. The branches snapped loudly under your foot, and you hoped that would give you away so one of the boys might come out. You strained your ears for footsteps or giggling.
"_____? _____!" You felt a pair of arms wrap your your waist, and you jumped. You turned around and saw Arthur and Matthew standing behind you, Matthew hugging you tightly.
"Oh, it's you two! Thank goodness!" You sighed in relief. "where are the rest? They shouldn't have gone in here!"
"They all went farther back, but I'm sure they're nearby." Arthur said. "Matthew and I decided to go back once we heard you calling our names. The rest decided to stay." You nodded.
"Alright. Come on, let's find them." You said. You three walked on for a few minutes. By now it was dusk, and it was becoming even more difficult to see in the dark.
"Guys, come out now!" You yelled. "We are not playing the game anymore!"
"Aww!" A voice from behind a tree said, making you jump. Alfred, Yao, Francis, and Ivan appeared. "Why did we stop?" Alfred asked.
"You guys should not have gone into the forest! Do you guys know how dangerous that is?!" You said, angry.
"We're sorry, Miss _____," Ivan said.
"I'm sorry too," Yao apologized.
"Je suis désolé," Francis said.
"Sorry," Alfred sighed.
"Come on, let's go back home." You said.
Back home, the boys took off their shoes and socks and after another brief scolding, you finally forgave them. The cake was done, and the boys enjoyed frosting it. As they forested it, you sat down and watched read a book about a woman who had to survive in the wilderness. The clock read Eight Twenty-seven, almost half an hour before their bedtime.
"Miss _____!" You heard Ivan call. "come see what we made!" You put down the book and walked into the kitchen. The boys stood in a semi-circle around the cake, smiling happily. There the cake was, frosted sloppily in white frosting. In blue frosting, it said, "We love you _____!"
"How sweet," you thought, smiling widely. "Boys, this is lovely!" You said, patting them all on their heads.
"I came up with the idea to write that!" Francis boasted. You giggled and looked back at the cake.
"Come on, let's eat!" You said.
That night, you and the boys feasted on delicious chocolate cake.
"Boys, it's nine! You have to go to bed," you said, interrupting the conversation about which one of them was smartest. "get into your pajamas," you said.
"Alright!" They all said cheerfully. You smiled as they walked upstairs and got changed. This was going wonderfully.
"Alright," you said, pulling the blanket over them. The boys all shared one fairly big room, and one big bed. "your parents will be back soon. You'll get to see them in the morning." You said.
"Read us a bedtime story!" Matthew suddenly said.
"yeah!" Alfred agreed. "we demand a bedtime story." You paused, then smiled.
"Alright, I'll see what story I can read." You searched through the books on the small bookshelf they had in their room. They had some history books, some school textbooks, family photo books,and finally a book with a collection of bedtime stories! You took that book off the shelf and knelt beside the bed. You flipped open to a random page.
"Alright, lay your heads down and close your eyes," you said softly. The boys quickly did so. "this is a story about a prince and a princess. Once upon a time, in a beautiful kingdom..."
As you read, one by one the boys quickly fell asleep. The story was about a princess who could never do what she wanted, so she ran away. She met a prince and they fell in love. However, soldiers from the princess's family found her and brought her back. After arguing with her father, her father realized he shouldn't have bossed her around so much. In the end, the prince and the princess married and they untied their kingdoms into one big kingdom.
"...and they lived happily ever after! The end!" You said, closing the book and putting it back on the shelf. You saw that the boys were all sound asleep, peacefully dreaming. the sight almost brought tears to your eyes, and a lovely smile spread across your lips. You closed the door halfway (they were all a little scared of complete darkness) and walked downstairs.
It was about ten when their parents arrived.
"Where are the boys?" The man asked.
"Fast asleep," you replied, smiling.
"Really? They didn't give you any trouble?" The woman asked in amazement. You shook your head, lying only a little.
"Wow, thank you so much! Here's your pay," the man took out twenty five dollars from his wallet and handed it to you. You thanked him.
"Well, I better get going." You said, beginning to walk towards the door.
"Wait!" The man suddenly stopped you. "is it possible that you could baby sit the boys again?"
You stopped and thought. The boys were sweet, but they were sometimes a little difficult to control. What if they were even more hyper than today? What if they got lost int he forest? What if one of them hurt himself badly?
You shook the thoughts out of your head. They loved you and obeyed you without trouble, so you were completely in charge.
You turned around and smiled.
"I have some free time next Tuesday."
My first Child!Country x Reader. I think this one turned out very good. Enjoy! Feedback is much appreciated.
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sangstertommeh Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2016  New Deviant
this is accurate XD,baby sitting is hard,especially when they're trouble makers,take it a little easy on them,they'll play along soon
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I love the gifs at the end..
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OMG am I the only one that died from the cuteness? ( not cause' of the story rather because of the Fuck gifs at the end? ) Besides great story
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WOW! I must be a great babysitter.
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MLP reference, I assume?

NoRD-I-C Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2014
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Im only 11 and i babysit my moms friends kids.... and i have to say, this is not compared to my kids 0-0
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Awwwwwwwww little Matty is such an innocent cherub, I would cuddle him and rock him to sleep!!!
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Aww I don't care how much money he gives me
Romacat Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2014
Pfft 25 dollars? Not enough to watch the child allies..........but I'd probably do it anyway!.........Oh and...*Looks at the last line with a smirk* I know where you're from little line~ And aww that Italy 'Fuck what?' up there!
PokemonGirl260301 Featured By Owner May 29, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I wanna hug child Russia now!!
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cricket: you should do one for the Axis
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I Love it
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Then Russia Grows.....
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animevampy Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2013  Student Interface Designer
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Pony references.... In an adorable Hetalia story...
Oh my glob.

You are one awesome person. And this is an awesome story.
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Chibi counties are so cute
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blueskystarlight Featured By Owner May 24, 2013
I'm stupid... I'm sorry it was the wrong comment for the wrong story! --' But this story is really good!
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sooo cuteeeeeee can i fave more than once!?
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AWWWWWW, this is so cute
I wish i can babysit the allies
TheFriendlyPotato Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
D'aww, that was adorable!...This reminded me of 'baby cakes' from MLP for some reason...
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