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A nation holds many duties. One of those being maintaining a healthy relationship with their people.
Ever since the end of the Cold War, the personification of the United States of America, commonly known as Alfred Jones, has taken it upon his duty to occasionally spend a few days of training with his troops. No one, except for the highest military officials, knew he was a nation rather than a human. Throughout the years Alfred perfected the art of making himself seem like a human with no lapses.
Today he is staying with a small training base in Arizona. Most of the people there were new recruits, ready to leave their citizen life behind and become a soldier to protect America. To protect Alfred Jones.
The morning begins with a mile walk around the vicinity.
Alfred finds himself walking next to a very talkative man from Vermont.
"So I pay for the ice cream and go back outside. And it turns out, Emily's father, like, stalked us or something. And he's sitting with her making sure she's okay. So I walk up and I smile and say hello and all, but on the inside I'm screaming. Her dad just had to come along. Our first date was ruined!" The man, a tall, buff one named Brian, had spent the past seven minutes telling Alfred about his first, and last, attempt at having a girlfriend.
"Aw man," Alfred says. "that sucks!"
"I know, right!" Brian says, his arms spread out to the side. "I mean, who does that?!"
"Emily's father, apparently," Alfred replies with a smile. Brian chuckles and gives a little jump.
"Ah geez," he mutters, smiling. Alfred smiles widely and feels his heart beat a little faster, because nothing makes him happier than seeing his people smile and laugh. He loves his people so, so much. He wants to hug all of them tight and kiss their cheeks and thank them. Everyone would get an equal amount of hugs and kisses, because he loves all of his people equally. After all, that's what he fights for.
That afternoon, Alfred finds himself in a group of soldiers who are doing a mock search-and-rescue mission in a small building made just for the occasion, with practice targets scattered throughout the building a a dummy, serving as the hostage, which the team must find and bring back.
The group is divided into teams, each with 11 people, making about 10 teams in total. Each team goes one at a time, while the rest go over some tactics that are commonly used in these types of missions.
Alfred's group is the fourth to go.
"Finally!" One person, a short-tempered man from Oklahoma says.
"Be quiet," A woman from Delaware grunts.
Alfred laughs softly. The two reminded him of France and England. Of course, he would never say that to them, as that would give everything away, but he's used to holding his tongue when it comes to things like that. He's been doing it ever since the first war he fought in: The Revolutionary War.
His people were so different back then. Powdered wigs and collared shirts, women with corsets and dainty speech...he missed those days. He wants to go back but at the same time he doesn't. He's come so far. He's grown bigger and stronger, all thanks to his people.
His beautiful, gorgeous, brave and amazing people.
Alfred's chest tightens slightly as his intense love for them surfaces. It's almost as if he has a crush on them all, but not so. For it is a great taboo among nations to fall in love with a human, and even worse for them to be in an actual relationship with one.
Granted, nations could still sleep with their people, but nothing more than a one-night stand is allowed.
Alfred's mouth goes dry as he thinks of having one of his people below him, touching him and kissing him, breathing his name as he runs his tongue along their skin, feeling their blood pulse beneath it, reminding him that they are human but he is not, for he does not have a beating heart. He feels sinful at the thought of having one of his own citizen's in bed, but at the same time he wants to do it. To show his people he truly loves them.
These thoughts scramble away as Alfred is given a slap on the cheek. He blinks a few times and finds himself and his team standing at the entrance of the building. The instructions have just ended, and Alfred wasn't paying attention. But he isn't worried. He's been in much worse situations. He's been in the ruins of Europe, alone and scared and bleeding, his mind racing, thinking of what to do. How to escape, how to find his unit. No instructions on any of those things.
"Are you ready?" The man who had given the instructions and was monitoring the building asked.
"Yes, sir!"
"Then go!"
The woman from Delaware is put in charge of her team. She orders them to form a single file line as they scan the first floor and then make their way up some stairs.
Alfred is last in line. He puts the .22 caliber pistol that he and his team members have been given near his side, both hands on it, ready to draw.
They swiftly move up the stairs silently. There's a shout and the practice targets pop up. In a flash, Alfred's gun is out, and he shoots the nearest target right in the center.
The rest of the targets are taken out within a few seconds by the other team members.
"Damn, Jones," The person in front of him, a very short woman from West Virginia whispers. She smiles up at him. "you're fast!"
"Yeah, you shot that target down the second it popped up," another team member said from a few people up in line.
"I guess I just got super fast reflexes," Alfred says, smiling and shrugging. But in truth, he's been through decades of training, and he's grown so comfortable and fluid with guns that he could have pulled out an AK47 as fast as he just did with the pistol.
"Shh! Let's keep going," the team leader says. He shoots them all a glare before motioning for them to fall back in line behind her.
They clear out the rest of the floor with ease, and Alfred found himself growing bored. He's been through missions much more difficult than this. He's been through actual search-and-rescue missions, some that were easy, others that were nerve-wracking.
The move up the second flight of stairs, and Alfred finds odd memories surfacing.
I remember, back in the second World War, I was with my unit, and we had to get to a base camp somewhere in West Germany. On the way there, we passed by an apartment building. Half of it was blown away by a bomb, the other half looked like it would collapse soon. All the windows were shattered. It was only four stories high, and from the third one, someone began to shoot at us. One of my colleagues was shot in the head, leaving only me and two others. I was given the duty of going into the building and taking out whoever was there. I remember silently sneaking up the staircase, broken glass crunching beneath my feet, gun in hand, sweat running down my forehead, afraid that I would be shot in the head. But I wouldn't die, and then everyone would know.
I reached the third floor and the shooting was coming from the first apartment door I saw. Except the door wasn't there, it had been knocked down. I peered around the door frame, and saw the person. He was a teenager, dressed in Nazi Youth clothes. I grit my teeth. I had killed men, but never a teenager. The apartment was empty, shattered glass and blood stains all over the floor. The window the boy was shooting out of was shattered completely, save for a few spikes of glass sticking up at the base of the frame.
I took a deep breath before stepping into the apartment and screaming. The boy gasped in surprised, dropped the gun, and spun around. His eyes were wide with fear and he held up his hands. He began sputtering things in German and tears welled up in his eyes.
This wasn't the first time someone had begged for me not to shoot them. This hardly had any affect on me. He was brainwashed beyond belief, and their was a large gash on his left thigh.
"Jesus Christ," I choked out. I stepped closer to him. He looked so young, probably only 13 or 14. I had seen younger soldiers back in the trenches of World War One, and I had killed some.
"If I could kill them" I thought, "I can kill him."
Still, something inside caused me to hesitate.  And in that moment of hesitation, the boy whipped out a .10 caliber pistol that had been in his back pocket and shot me in the thigh.
This was far from the first time I had gotten shot. And this definitely wasn't the first time I was shot in the thigh. But still, it burned like hell and I couldn't help but cry out. I cursed loudly and shot him in the chest. He cried out before falling backwards.
I hissed softly and clutched my thigh as I limped out of the building. As I made my way out, I found myself haunted by the look on the boys face. The look of sheer terror. He was afraid of me.
I did my best to shrug it off as I reached my unit. In the first World War, I had been commanded to kill people younger than him, and I hated myself for it. They were just boys, taken away from their families and placed in trenches, with guns to heavy to carry and no one to comfort them if they had nightmares or if they were missing home.
That night, as I lay in the medic tent, my thigh wrapped tightly in gauze, I felt tears begin to well up in my eyes. I could kill men, but not children. I was a killer.
For the first time in a long time, I cried.
"What's wrong?" A nurse asked me when he heard my sobs.
"I killed a boy earlier today," I said, wiping away the tears. "he was maybe 13 or 14, and I don't know why, but I feel a bad for shooting him. I mean, he was so young..."
"But he was also brainwashed," the nurse replied. "he probably didn't even know what he was doing. You'll get over it eventually. I mean, you've killed adults but don't cry over them, so why should someone younger make a difference?" And with that he walked away.
I couldn't help but agree with him, but that still didn't stop the tears.

"Jones, watch out!"
Alfred suddenly finds himself tumbling down the flight of stairs, gasping in pain as his shoulder slams into the edge of one.
Alfred groans and sits upright, a sharp pain firing up in his left shoulder. He grunts and clutches it.
"Jones...!" The woman from Delaware lets out a very annoyed and frustrated cry from the top of the stairs.
"What happened?" Alfred asks, rubbing his head. He feels bruises begin to form all over his body. He silently tsks himself. He needs to pay more attention next time.
"You were zoned out so were were nudging you and saying your name, And then you tried going up the stairs but suddenly you flew back." The Oklahoman explains. "is something bothering you?"
"No," Alfred replies. "but my shoulder really hurts. I think I sprained it or something..."
"Then go to the medic," Someone says. "but you're probably gonna get your ass whooped for messing up."
There's a chuckle amongst them. Alfred gets up and brushes the dust off of his uniform.
"Alright," he says, and he makes his way out of the building.
"You've got a nasty bruise on your shoulder blade, that's all." The medic, a dark skinned woman with a very friendly attitude says. "you're lucky though. You were pretty close to popping it out of its socket!"
Alfred suits on a small stool in a very clean and tidy room, shirtless. Thankfully the medic doesn't question the scars on his body. Scars from previous battles.
"That's a relief!" Alfred says, smiling. The nurse smiles and nods.
"Alright, if you begin to feel more pain or if your shoulder gets stiff, come see me. Alright?" she says.
"Sure thing, dude." Alfred says as she hands him back his shirt. The woman chuckles.
"I haven't been called dude in a while," she says. "I mean, I'm not used to nicknames and the like."
"So what's your name?" Alfred asks, although he already knows. He knows all of his people's names.
"Aliana," she replies.
"What a pretty name," Alfred says. Aliana blushes slightly, and quietly thanks him for the compliment.
"Where ya from? I'm from D.C."
"I'm from a small town in Utah called Moab. Do you know that place?"
"Hmm...can't say I do," Alfred lies. He knows that town. He knows all of his towns. She could have said anything form a state capital to a town in the boondocks of Louisiana and he would know that place.
"Well, it's a dainty little town in Utah, in the southeast. It's near the Arches National Park. You should check it out sometime, it's a very scenic place." Aliana says, smiling. Alfred can see she's proud to talk about her hometown.
"How do you feel about America?" Alfred suddenly find himself asking the question. Aliana thinks for a moment.
"We're a damn good country," she says. Alfred laughs as he finishes putting his top back on. He says goodbye before heading back out.
That night, Alfred finds himself exhausted. His shoulder is still a little sore, but nothing too bad. Tomorrow will be the last day before he leaves to go back home. He wanted to stay for more than two days, but alas, he has other duties to get to.
The bunk room is silent and completely dark. It's a quarter past midnight, and all the soldiers are sound asleep after a long day of exhausting training.
Alfred Jones closes his eyes and thinks. He thinks about that man from Vermont he talked to this morning, who was so happy and eager to be a soldier. The new recruits here, who are getting used to the military lifestyle. Men and women who will one day experience the terror of war, but will put on a brave face and keep going. All have left behind family and friends to protect America. To protect Alfred Jones. Because they love him. He is their home country. In a way, he is their father and they are his children. His children who would die for him. Their service in war and their deaths in it a symbol of devotion and love towards him. Without his people, Alfred would be nothing. And that's why he loves them so, so much.
For the first time in a long time, America finds himself crying.
APH: A Nation and Their People
I've been wanting to write this for a while and I finally got around to doing so.
I just love the thought of nations occasionally dropping in on their people and making sure they're happy and okay.
I'm probably going to write more stories like this. And I'm sorry this is so long, but I had a great time writing it! :iconblushuplz:
Please leave a comment telling me what you think! :iconchibiamericaplz:
Hello everyone! ^^
So I was gone for a month. Not because I was busy or anything, but because I got suspended! :iconohnoesplz:
I got suspended for posting lemons. But I've seen other users post them and get off scotch-free.
Anyways, if I post any more lemons, I'll get suspended again, this time for two months...
So I guess I'll just have to post fluff from now on :L
Hello everyone! ^^
So I was gone for a month. Not because I was busy or anything, but because I got suspended! :iconohnoesplz:
I got suspended for posting lemons. But I've seen other users post them and get off scotch-free.
Anyways, if I post any more lemons, I'll get suspended again, this time for two months...
So I guess I'll just have to post fluff from now on :L


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