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"Aiyah! It's so hot at your place, Italy!" China whined, wiping sweat off his forehead with the back of his arm. Tank tops and shorts did nothing to cool him off, and his skin was already turning a pale shade of red despite being slathered with sunscreen. The intense heat of Rome made the city feel like it was in a desert.
"Not for me!" Italy chirped. "I'm used to it, ve~!" China huffed in reply.
"Do you need to stop?" Italy asked, concerned. China dismissed it with a wave of his hand.
"I'm fine," he replied. "where are you taking me, anyways?"
Italy's eyes lit up. "We're going to see the Colosseum! I think you will really enjoy it!" He gave an excited skip.
After being led through a confusing maze of alleys and side streets, they finally reached the Colosseum. China gazed in wonder. The stone structure towered over him. He could only imagine what wonders went on inside back in the Roman days.
"It's amazing!" He gasped. Italy giggled.
"Ve~, let me take your picture!" Italy said, pulling out his phone. China blushed a little.
"A-ah...I'm a little camera shy," he said sheepishly, rubbing the back of his neck. Italy cocked his head.
"Really? But you look so great!" He said. "Come on! I'll send it only to you, okay? No other nations have to see it if you don't want!"
"All right," China gave in. Italy instructed him, telling him to stand in a proper place with good lighting, and to stand a certain way. Then he made China strike ridiculous poses. It was a little embarrassing, but China was having fun.
I feel like a model posing for a photoshoot! He mused.
"Italy, how many photos are you taking?" China asked when he felt his arms and legs grow tired.
"Ah, I'll stop now, sorry!" The Italian replied. "You'd make a good model." China grew flushed at the compliment. He walked back to Italy and looked at the photos.
"You're really good at photography," China murmured as he flipped through them. The lighting was perfect, illuminating his features in flattering ways. The Colosseum made a good backdrop; Italy had positioned him right in front of a beautiful arch with intricate engravings.
"Si, I've always enjoyed taking photos," replied Italy. "I've tried to teach Romano, but he refuses. He just tells me, "Diavolo, no!"
China wasn't surprised. Italy's brother was known for his hotheaded stubborn temper.
"Well, I think you're really good," China said. Pink dusted Italy's cheeks and he smiled brightly.
"Thank you for showing me this," China motioned to the Colosseum. "It's very impressive."
"Oh, I didn't build it! Grandpa Rome did."
"I know. Were you around when it was built?"
"Of course! I remember when it was being constructed, and when Grandpa Rome took me to see games inside it!" Italy puffed his chest out proudly. China laughed softly.
"What else is there to see?" He asked. The Colosseum piqued his interest in the city of Rome, and now he was itching to see the rest of it.
"There's tons to see, bio amigo!" Italy explained. He grabbed China's hand. "Come on!" Italy dragged him off into the city. China didn't know what would come next, leaving him unsure. But that was okay, as long as he was with Italy.
ItaChu fluff (REQUEST)
This is a request from :iconvegetafan72: 
ItaChu fluff. What an interesting ship! I've never written it before, and I haven't written in a while, so I'm sorry if this isn't very good ;-; But I hope you enjoy! It was good to get back to writing and these two are cute together ^^
I have nothing better to do and I need some points so I have opened up requests. I'll close them soon so request while you can! Please read these guidelines.
Here is a list of requests I will do:
:bulletred: Reader Insert (fluff and lemon)
:bulletred: Country x Country (fluff and lemon)
:bulletred: Any of the above with 2ps and Nyos
:bulletred: Historical Hetalia
Here is a list of requests I will NOT do:
:bulletblack:Anything involving OCs. 
:bulletblack: I'm fine with doing historical stuff, but please do not request blatantly sensitive events such as 9/11 or the Holocaust. 
Requests must be Hetalia related. Keep in mind I won't have time every day to work on requests, so be patient when waiting for it! I'm okay with doing fics that do not have any romance in it.
Now for the costs :)
:bulletpink: Fluff or No Romance: 1 point
:bulletpink: Lemons: 2 points
I will be accepting a maximum of 2 requests per person. Once again, be patient while waiting for yours to be done. When it's done, I will send you a note with the link to it. If you don't want me to put your requests in groups please say so! Once I give you the finished request you must pay me the points. 
Thank you! I hope I made this clear enough. England (Intro) [V6] 


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United States
Hi! I like writing fanfictions and stories, but im not good at drawing so don't expect me to do really good at pictures! I enjoy reading other fanfictions and stories, listening to music (not the god awful pop music these days!) Anyways, some of my fanfictions might be very violent or have some inappropriate parts. You have been warned!

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